Zogby International Reports National EV Survey Results

August 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

In 10 years, many motorists will be turning in their gas-powered vehicles for electrical cars, according to most Americans in a new poll. In a recent Zogby International (Utica, NY) survey of 1,004 adults nationwide who were asked "How soon do you foresee electric-powered vehicles becoming a realistic transportation option for motorists?" over half (52.2 percent) said they expect many people to drive electric cars in about 10 years, compared with 22.5 percent who said it would happen within five years. Another 4.4 percent said they don't think most people would ever drive them while 3.5 percent said it will happen next year and 7.5 percent said they were not sure. Respondents with higher educational levels were skeptical on the concept of electrical cars becoming a feasible option in less than 10 years, with 45.7 percent of high-school graduates, 53.9 percent with some college, and 56.3 percent with an undergraduate degree or higher agreeing on 10 years. In contrast, 34.9 percent of high-school dropouts said electrical cars would be popular within five years while only 26.8 percent said it would take 10 years.