York Research Reports the Latest on Wind-Powered Grid

May 06, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

York Research Corp. (New York), which operates the $440 million dollar Big Spring Wind Power Project, announced the latest improvement to the wind-powered grid as a result of the installation of new Vestas-66 super windmills. York and TU Electric also announced that all 46 of the turbines in the project have been fully activated.The V-66 models are 370 feet tall, larger than the Statue of Liberty. The rotor blade itself has a diameter of 216 feet. Each of the four V-66 turbines generates 1,650 kilowatts.A total of 46 turbines have been installed so far, 42 V-47 models and four of the newer V-66 type. The project has an overall capacity of 34,000kW. The project is expected to generate 117 million kilowatt-hours annually, enough to serve 7,300 homes.Four more V-66 models are still under construction adjacent to the Big Spring installation, and will go on-line in June, providing renewable energy to Waco-area residents as part of the TU Renew program. TU Renew allows customers to choose a set amount or a percentage of their energy from wind-generated power. TU Electric, a subsidiary of Texas Utilities will purchase all of the electricity generated for the next 15 years.