US Hybrid Pens Global Fuel Cell Technology Licensing Agreement with UTC

January 26, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

US Hybrid Corporation announces the execution of a global licensing agreement with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to commercialize UTC's proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technologies. This technology and patent licensing agreement thrusts US Hybrid to the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing in the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle sectors. Today's announcement follows news of US Hybrid's recently awarded Federal Transit Administration (FTA) contract to build the next-generation of cost-effective fuel cells for transit buses. The licensing agreement advances US Hybrid's strategy to become the leading provider of integrated fuel cell power systems for transit buses, commercial trucks and off-road vehicles worldwide.

"The execution of this agreement is a game changer for US Hybrid and the commercial fuel cell vehicle industry," said US Hybrid President and CEO, Dr. Abas Goodarzi. "This proven PEM fuel cell technology has accumulated millions of miles of revenue transit service with no cell stack failures to date. US Hybrid is committed to improving upon this technology to manufacture a commercially-viable, integrated fuel cell power system to enable the Americas, Europe and Asia to meet their GHG reduction goals."

"UTC has developed a best-in-class fuel cell system for bus applications. We believe that the legacy will be successfully continued by US Hybrid, a long-time partner of UTC," commented Kelly Romano, Vice President of Business Development at UTC, who is leading the company's efforts to monetize its broad portfolio of world-class technologies and intellectual property. "This is only one of many ways we are continuing to generate a return on our fuel cell innovations, which also have applications in automotive, hand-held devices and many other areas."

In late 2012, after investing in the technology for over 40 years with industry leading technological advancements and a proven track record of reliable systems in real world use, UTC elected to license its fuel cell technology. US Hybrid was selected to continue UTC's contract under the FTA's National Fuel Cell Bus Program (NFCB), and will fabricate, integrate, test and validate the next generation high-powered fuel cells to commercialize the technology for transit use. US Hybrid has established operations in South Windsor, Connecticut, where the company will complete the development, fabrication and validation of the fuel cell power plant with additional technical and management support from their Torrance, California headquarters and the Magmotor team in Worcester, Massachusetts.

"This Agreement will allow the transfer of technology from UTC to a rapidly growing business. US Hybrid is committed to bringing fuel cell technology to the commercial vehicle market, and we look forward to seeing what they can do now that they have this license," said John Boesel, President and CEO of CALSTART, the nonprofit group which helps administer the NFCB for the FTA.

US Hybrid has been a key supplier of "balance of plant" components such as cathode air blowers, DI pumps and power converters to UTC and other fuel cell suppliers for over a decade. US Hybrid will be adding fuel cell production to its core competencies of system design, integration and operation of fuel cell buses, trucks, military and specialty vehicles, as well as supporting fuel cells with component electronics.