TUV is First Independent Accredited Test Laboratory for Wi-SUN Alliance

January 06, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

The Wi-SUN Alliance has announced, effective January 2013, TUV Rheinland is the Alliance's newest independent accredited test laboratory (ATL), providing certification testing services to a global roster of Wi-SUN Alliance member companies. TUV Rheinland joins as an independent ATL in the Alliance's network, which will perform tests for Wi-SUN Alliance member companies worldwide.

The growth of Wi-SUN certified products being developed has been significant, with more than 13 global companies participating in the Wi-SUN Alliance's 2(nd) interoperability test event recently. Wi-SUN Alliance members include international companies helping in building Smart Utility Network infrastructure in all five continents.

Recent growth of Smart Grid markets in Europe, North and South Americas and Asian region, is now moving towards the integration of application-based services to maximize the benefits of emerging smart grid infrastructure. Wi-SUN certified products are expected to ship to users in the global markets starting this year. Wi-SUN is now ready to help the industry accomplish its value proposition from utility to end-users and helping in filling the void of interoperability and open-standards assurance.

Wi-SUN technology is an essential part of Smart Utility Networks around the world. The smart grid promises a dramatic transformation of the world's electricity infrastructure, with a long list of goals essential to maximizing efficiency and diversifying the future of the energy supply chain. Smart grid deployment has been taking place at a relatively rapid pace for the electric utility industry. Existing players are transforming and new players are entering the market to meet the needs of emerging eco-systems, and consumers are awakening to a new set of possibilities.

Some 300 million smart meters have been deployed worldwide, 50 million of them in North America. The year 2013 represents a turning point for the sector, where the smart grid will move from infrastructure to deployment of applications. "Utilities have already moved a step forward to prove to both end-use customers and regulators that the adoption of smart grid technologies, such as smart meters, has been a worthwhile effort in both reducing costs and boosting energy efficiency," says Phil Beecher Chair of Wi-SUN Alliance.

"Wi-SUN technology is applicable to a wide variety of Smart Utility Network application areas. The growing number of deployments across the range of Smart Utility Networks domains, including Automated Metering Infrastructure, Distribution Automation and Home Energy Management, makes it essential that equipment both conforms to applicable standards and is interoperable, in order to ensure that products deliver a good user experience," said Phil Beecher, chair of Wi-SUN Alliance. "The appointment of TUV Rheinland as an Authorized Test Laboratory providing the Wi-SUN CERTIFIED(TM) program is the next step in achieving this goal."