STMicroelectronics Partners with Startup Autobahn to Drive Forward Automotive Innovations

August 04, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

STMicroelectronics joins Startup Autobahn as Anchor Partner to encourage new companies with innovative ideas focusing on areas such as e-mobility and electrification.

STMicroelectronics (STM) is a multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer with its main headquarters located in Switzerland. The company designs, develop and supply various goods including discrete and standard commodity components, and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for analog, digital and mixed-signal applications.

Recently, STM revealed that it has become an Anchor Partner of Startup Autobahn. The innovation platform provides a way for new startups with innovative ideas concerning enterprise, mobility, and smart production (to name a few) to connect with leading industry players and make them a reality.

 Image used courtesy of Startup Autobahn

Autobahn and STM

Startup Autobahn was founded in 2016 by the German multinational corporation, Daimler AG. Startup Autobahn works in collaboration with the research factory ARENA2036, the University of Stuttgart, and the U.S. Accelerator Plug & Play. Startup Autobahn has grown its community since its beginnings and operates in China, India and Singapore, South Africa, and the USA (Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, MBUSI). Startup Autobahn supports its community in local start-up scouting and makes invitations to regular startup challenges.

Some of the products and innovations launched by Startup Autobahn include augmented reality (AR) solutions for more intuitive assembly operation and the development of sustainable materials for luxury vehicle interiors. Up and coming innovations include carbon emission tracking technology for the production of passenger vehicles with a carbon-neutral footprint.

In addition to STM, Startup Autobahn has several other Anchor Partners including Porsche, Rolls Royce, Schaeffler, Bosch, and others.

Image used courtesy of Startup Autobahn

In a recent news release, the Managing Director Plug and Play Germany, Sascha Karimpour, commented: “We’re extremely pleased to welcome STMicroelectronics to our platform as a new strategic partner. This partnership fits perfectly into our existing ecosystem, covering the automotive value chain. The semiconductor industry is currently enabling powerful innovations in automotive technology and will play a major role as software and IT becomes increasingly important in the car of the future.”

In the same news release, the Chief Innovation Officer for STMicroelectronics, Alessandro Cremonesi, said: “Joining Startup Autobahn extends our broad commitment to nurture the technologies that will define tomorrow, and in this case, the automotive world, by making transport safer, greener, and more connected. We are looking forward to discovering new product concepts and discussing ways to invest and make them happen.”


The Program

Startup Autobahn’s program includes four key steps. The first step involves scouting for and connecting startups through tech-themed 1:1 meetings hosted by corporate partners.  Partners then vote for selected startups to transition to the next stage. Once voted into the program, the startups collaborate with partners on proofs-of-concept, projects, and prototypes. An Expo follows on from collaborative work, to showcase it and provide a platform for networking and celebrating open innovation. From here, the pilot project will progress and may be transferred into a series of applications at the partner company. To find out more about Startup Autobahn’s program, visit this page.

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  • nmpl August 12, 2021

    It is so cool when startups are uniting and working with each other. I think in some cases it is a key to success because they can offer each other a lot of helpful and efficient things to reach a new level. I really like this idea and support it, especially when it does really impressive businesses. I’m so glad that STMicroelectronics joins Startup Autobahn because these two startups can give big opportunities and a benefit to each other. It is absolutely incredible that Autobanh is willing to unite corporate partners and chosen startups together.

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