Scandinavians Choose Valence Li-Ion Polymer Cells

October 24, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Valence Technology Inc. (Henderson, NV) announced that a Scandinavian-based cellular phone manufacturer has selected their lithium-ion polymer cells for a line of GSM and NMT cellular handsets. The new customer's wireless Internet digital device incorporates a digital camera, which allows the user to send pictures and text by fax or email. The handset utilizes a large display that allows the user to download web pages and enter text using a touch-pad system.

The sample and pilot-production orders are currently in process, and the customer forecasts minimum purchases in the first year of production of 100,000 cells. Actual purchases will be dependent on the market demand for the customer's cellular handsets.

Valence's lithium-ion polymer cells are designed to provide high-energy density in a lightweight and thin-form factor. Valence claims that their standard range of cells, manufactured specifically for this type of application, allowed the designers to select a high-performance solution that minimized technical, safety and commercial risks.

"The convergence of voice and data in mobile communications requires higher energy to power functions such as digital camera electronics and larger LCD displays. Lithium-polymer technology from Valence provides maximum runtime and utility without compromise to the mobile electronics device," said Lev Dawson, chairman and CEO of Valence Technology. "This substantial interest in our technology from an established cellular phone manufacturer, coupled with current and expected future orders for our technology, reflects the industry's increased awareness and continued acceptance of our next-generation batteries."