Norway Opens Large Wind Farm at Smola

September 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Norwegian King Harald has officially opened one of the largest wind farms in Europe. The 20 turbines at Smøla will generate 120GWh per year, sufficient for 6,000 homes, while a planned second stage will involve another 55 turbines, which would raise the facility's total capacity to 150MW and annual production to 450GWh. The first stage cost Euro 44 million, of which 20 percent came from government, and it covers 18km². A 30km transmission line was required to transfer power from the wind farm to the mainland.

"The Smola windmill park is the result of Statkraft's commitment to exploit new renewable and environmentally friendly energy solutions," stated Bard Mikkelsen, president and CEO of Statkraft (Smola, Norway), Norway's largest power producer. "Statkraft has the competence and the will to pursue the projects we have been granted licences for, but it is up to the authorities to decide if we are to continue concentrating on wind power."