NMB Debuts Online Motherboard Compatibility Guide

November 12, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

NMB Technologies Corp. (Chatsworth, CA) introduced a search engine on its website that instantly matches a user's motherboard by manufacturer and part number to a compatible NMB power supply. The website enhancement ensures that the components being used in a product design will work together.

The website also includes a power supply model locator that allows a system integrator, chassis integrator, value-added retailer, or end-user to quickly search for a power supply based on wattage and/or market segments such as workstation, network server, open-frame, PC or telecom. The power supply area of the website also includes an overview of the product group, links to business partners, and purchase and support information.

"NMB is always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience and make doing business with us easy," said Kevin Letzer, power supply division’s technical sales manager for NMB Technologies. "The new online compatibility guide is one example of NMB’s commitment to continuously provide innovative resources and tools for our users."