Murata to Highlight Supercaps and Cheerleader Robots

January 01, 2017 by Power Pulse1595211359

Murata will be at CES 2017 to demonstrate the company's innovations that help shape the future of everyday electronics. Visitors to Murata's booth – LVCC #MP26051-South Hall 2 – can collaborate with product experts, observe technology demonstrations, and be introduced to several new products being launched at the show. Announcements will include the introduction of the DMH ultra-thin, high capacitance supercapacitors and the XRC range of high-accuracy crystal units, as well as the expansion of the company's DE Series of safety standard certified capacitors.

Additionally, attendees can watch the Murata Cheerleader Robots make their US debut. The world’s first robot cheerleaders will provide visitors an opportunity to observe several of the company’s technologies – such as stabilization, synchronization, sensing, and communication technologies – that enable everyday consumer products. Performances will be held several times daily throughout the duration of CES 2017.

The company is also showcasing several product demonstrations to allow attendees to gain a better understanding of how innovation is at the center of everything that Murata does. The demonstrations cover the gamut: high-power supercapacitors and batteries; MEMS, heat detection, rotation, and waterproof pressure sensors; RF-enabled test tube tracking; wireless optical and fiber optical transceivers; and numerous others.