Innovolt Cloud Platform Delivers Info on Power-Related Events to Smartphones

June 17, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Innovolt Inc. today announced the Innovolt Management Cloud (IMC) which enables enterprise users to remotely track and monitor business critical electronics environments. The IMC, the next evolution of the company’s offerings, powers the performance of vital distributed electronic assets by collecting and aggregating data into a centralized cloud location. The platform allows users the ability to analyze key information such as the frequency, type and location of power-related events.

In conjunction with the launch of the IMC, Innovolt also is rolling out its Power Doctor Smartphone Adaptor which is designed to read data generated by Innovolt’s electronics management appliances and upload it immediately to the cloud platform. Users can simply plug the Adaptor into a smartphone and, using the Innovolt App, optically read performance data associated with the asset’s environment. The data is then available for analysis from any web-enabled device and can be uploaded directly into the IMC.

Innovolt’s new IMC provides the necessary tools to be able to predict, measure and maximize the performance of assets across the distributed enterprise from an easy-to-use, web-based solution. The ground-breaking software solution ensures system uptime and data integrity and offers a user-friendly interface that provides: Access to data from any web-enabled device; Graphical representation and dashboards of collected data; Summary view with different ways to analyze data; Differential readings with date comparisons; Detailed information on connected equipment; and the ability to export-data and print-friendly reports.

“Innovolt has been diligent in developing a solution to fill the void in electronics protection and management for a wide range of industries and regions across the world to improve business operations. Our technology platform has been tested and proven and the next evolution is our industry-first cloud platform and smartphone adaptor. These innovations, built through our solid foundation, increase business intelligence for our customers and accelerate our ability to provide the tools businesses need to ensure the performance of their remote electronic assets,” states Ben Grimes, CTO of Innovolt.

Globally, businesses rely on electronic assets that are imperative to their brand reputation and ability to serve customers. However, our 21st century, sophisticated and digitally advanced electronic assets are highly susceptible to frequent disturbances related to the power supply, temperature, weather-related events and others. Without the ability to understand how the environment is impacting electronic equipment, executives are left in the dark regarding the impact of their business environments on valuable equipment which can lead to an increase in service related costs as well as parts, labor and overhead.

These disturbances also affect businesses through lost revenue, lost profitability, shortened asset life and lost customers. The IMC arms businesses with added tools to improve their line of defense against issues to maximize the performance of expensive and sensitive technology assets which lowers service costs, improves customer satisfaction and extends the usable life of electronics.