General Semiconductor Announces Substantial Order for Gf6968ED Smart GENFET MOSFETs

November 13, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

General Semiconductor Inc. (Melville, NY), announced it has received a significant order for its GF6968ED Smart GENFET device in the battery-pack application for wireless handsets.

The GF6968ED Smart GENFET is a 20V MOSFET with integrated electrostatic discharge protection. The device is fabricated using General Semiconductor's high-cell-density trench technology. In this particular application, the GF6968ED Smart GENFET will function as an on/off switch while providing battery protection during charging. This will help prevent overcharging the lithium-ion battery pack of a mobile phone. The GF6968ED was chosen for its RDS(on) performance and enhanced electrostatic discharge protection.

"This marks another milestone for our GENFET product line," stated Ronald A. Ostertag, chairman and CEO of General Semiconductor. "This order validates the claim that our proprietary low-voltage trench technology provides an excellent solution in the power management of wireless applications."