Dynetek Demonstrates DyneCell Fuel Storage System

June 27, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Dynetek Industries Ltd. (Calgary, Canada) demonstrated its DyneCell® lightweight fuel storage system using Ford Motor Co.'s (Dearborn, MI) second-generation Ford Focus fuel cell vehicle (FCV). Dynetek also demonstrated its lightweight hydrogen fueling station and the more advanced hydrogen storage tank that contributes to an increase in travel distance of 255km to 320km (160 to 200 miles) per tank.

"It's always exciting to see our technology in practical applications," stated Dynetek President and CEO Heinz Portmann. "We have a strong relationship with Ford that began with supplying the hydrogen storage system for the P2000 FCV in 1999. We continue to work closely with them on a number of fuel cell projects and we agree with Ford that hydrogen holds the clearest promise to be the fuel of choice for future FCVs."