Dantherm & Leap Power to Market Fuel Cell & Hybrid Power Based Solutions in North America

April 01, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Dantherm Power Inc. of Denmark is introducing a high density 5kW redundant fuel cell power system and announcing its partnership with Leap Power LLC of Richardson, Texas, to accelerate commercialization of its fully integrated fuel cell product line.

Dantherm Power and Leap Power announced the initiation of a partnership and VAR Agreement. Dantherm and Leap have agreed to form the partnership to aggressively market their products to North American telecom Service Providers (SPs), Data Centers, and Solar Power Generation Plants.

Leap and Dantherm have formed the Partnership to: provide for the joint localization, implementation, and commercialization of Dantherm’s fuel cell products in North America; generate revenues from hybrid solutions by integrating Dantherm’s fuel cell products with Leap Power’s solutions; leverage Leap Power’s capabilities as a VAR, and expertise in developing economies to expand integrated alternative power generation and backup solutions.

Claus Munkholm, Sales Director of Dantherm Power, commented on the Partnership, "Throughout our relationship, we have been impressed with Leap Power’s understanding of global telecom Alternative Power Generation market and, improvements to next-generation technology and the overall focus of Leap Power to bring affordable primary and backup power solutions to the market. Working together as one team, we will deploy best-of-breed solutions to customers in North America. It’s exciting to have the new product DBX5000 introduction along with a strong partner in North America."

Dantherm and Leap Power teams have initiated their collaborative efforts on perfecting products to respond to identified opportunities in North America market. Dantherm Power’s recognition as the technology leader in fuel cell industry has already resulted in significant success with Telecom Service Providers in Europe and Canada. Incremental growth and parallel operation of DBX5000 also allows deployments of large (100KW) systems for ac & dc power generation market.

"This partnership is very exciting for both Leap Power and Dantherm," stated Syed I Ali, GM & VP of Sales, Leap Power. "Dantherm’s products are the most suitable products for telecom power and solar applications. The environment friendly and highly reliable fuel cell power systems provide a single unified primary and backup power solution by eliminating and/or reducing redundant elements like ac Genset, batteries, ac transfer switches and dc Rectifiers. We have been receiving a very positive response from global customers to our initiative of drastically reducing operating costs and now with the addition of best-in-class fuel cell offering from Dantherm, we can accelerate our drive to help telecom operators reduce their OpEx and provide a unique architecture for their infrastructure power needs. Our collaborative efforts strengthen the two companies’ endeavors into telecom and solar deployments in North America and other markets. Today’s solar plants can only provide power during peak sun hours unless equipped with large battery reserves and significantly larger (4-6 times) solar power plants. The solar power plants now have an affordable 24/7 revenue generation option that will allow seamless integration of fuel cell with solar plants and allow significantly higher return on their assets. The Partnership opens up a new market for Dantherm and brings added strength to Leap Power’s efforts to broaden acceptance and deployment of Leap’s SunLeap™ and EcoLeap™ product lines."