Artesyn Technologies Publishes Guide to Power-Conversion Products

July 31, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Artesyn Technologies (Ireland) has published a 16-page quick-select guide detailing all of its latest-generation power-conversion products. The guide covers both ac/dc power supplies and dc/dc converters, and is intended for use as a reference source for electronics design engineers and system integrators. The guide highlights the company's portfolio of standard products, all of which are available off-the-shelf or with very short lead times.

Artesyn's new guide includes details of more than 300 ac/dc power supplies and dc/dc converters, 70 of which are new to the market. The pages covering ac/dc power supplies include 86 high-efficiency switch-mode units, spanning a power range of 15W to 460W, and 21 external units with up to 40W output capability. The ac/dc section also includes five front-end power supplies with power-output ratings as high as 2kW, for systems using distributed-power architectures.

The pages covering dc/dc converters include 199 isolated dc/dc converters in 37 families to choose from, covering a power range of

2W to 400W and currents from 1A to 80A, as well as a series of non-isolated point-of-load converters for applications that demand

exceptionally fast transient-response capabilities. The models listed include 33 new open-frame and enclosed units for

pin-through-hole mounting and 19 surface-mountable converters, 15 of which are new to the market. Artesyn's range of dc/dc converters now includes models with output voltages as low as 1.0V and output currents as high as 80A, with all latest-generation models using synchronous rectification and thermal-management techniques.