Anadigm Announces On-Line Personal Training Program

August 19, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Anadigm (Tempe, AZ), a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in programmable analog chips for audio, industrial, RFID, and environmental control systems, announced that it is launching an on-line personal training program that will provide participants with a hands-on, small-group setting in which they can start designing and implementing complex analog circuits with field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs).

The on-line seminars will provide real-time training in the use of the AnadigmDesigner2 EDA tool. Topics will include FPAA capabilities and applications, the AnadigmPID and AnadigmFilter synthesis tools, and use of the FPAA's dynamic reconfiguration feature. As part of the curriculum, participants will design and simulate actual programmable circuits and then create dynamic C-code that allows their circuits to be controlled in real time by a system microprocessor.

The on-line personal training seminar series is organized into three 60-minute to 90-minute calls held on consecutive days. Attendance at each seminar will be limited to facilitate interaction between the participants and moderator. The seminars are free, but advance registration is required. The complete schedule and online registration are available at the Anadigm website.