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Thermacore Launches New Therma-Vent Heatsinks

April 11, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Thermacore International Inc. (Lancaster, PA), a subsidiary of Modine Manufacturing Co., has expanded its line of thermal solutions to include a new series of heatsinks called Therma-Vent, which utilize enhanced fin technology to increase the heatsink surface area and create turbulent airflow to disperse heat more efficiently.

The Therma-Vent utilizes Thermacore’s new rolled and slit fin technology to maximize surface area, thus increasing the flow of heat from the chip into the local ambient air. Therma-Vent heatsinks offer the advantages of reduced mass, less system volume and lower costs over traditional extrusions and folded fin products. Brazed attachment of the fins to the base ensures mechanical and thermal joint integrity and minimizes the chance of cracks forming over time, as can happen with an epoxy bond.

Thermacore is initially launching a standard active Therma-Vent heatsink solution for the Pentium 4 processor. Derivative Therma-Vent solutions for desktop and notebook computers, embedded applications, communications equipment, and other electronics cooling applications can be customized.