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Regenerative Converter Offers Both Harmonic Suppression and Power Regeneration

May 09, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announced the release of the FR-XC Series Multi-functional Regenerative Converter.

The FR-XC offers significant energy savings and system cost reductions and offers supplemental hardware for Mitsubishi Electric's FR Series of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).

Intended for end users in crane and material handling applications, the regenerated energy from one VFD in a lift application is used by another VFD to drive other motors in the system. The FR-XC Series offers harmonic suppression and power regeneration in a single solution.

The company says that the energy saving effect offered by the FR-XC Series results in less wiring, smaller enclosures, reduction in power supply capacity, and a reduction in facility size due to power factor improvements.

Used to replace the network of transistors and resistors for dynamic braking, the FR-XC Series can operate in three different modes of regeneration: dynamic braking regeneration, dc common-bus regeneration, and harmonic-mitigation (in dc common bus mode only). These modes can be further combined with the FR-XCL, FR-XCB, or FR-HAL Series stand-alone reactors, and have a variety of requirements and applications.

"With the rise in environmental awareness, efficiency standards, and alternative methods for reusable energy, demand for regenerative converters is on the upswing," said Chris Rhodes, product marketing engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. "The FR-XC Series offers harmonic suppression and power regeneration in a single solution, lowering energy cost."


Energy savings

Power regeneration technology lets excess energy return to the power supply, saving money by eliminating the consumption of excess energy.

Power supply capacity reduction

Because the power supply is augmented with converted and recycled energy, less power supply capacity is needed overall.

Power factor improvement

System input power factor is enhanced when an FR-XC Series converter is installed.

Compact and cost-effective

The company contends that the FR-XC Series converter is practical hardware that can more than pay for itself in energy savings.


Dynamic braking regeneration

For power driving, the converter portion of the VFD unit supplies power, and for regenerative driving, the FR-XC Series converter returns power to the power supply.

(The FR-XC Series is not for use as a common converter while performing this function.) When the regenerative power is smaller than the VFD capacity, a more compact FR-XC power-regenerating converter is the superior solution.

DC common-bus regeneration

The dc common-bus regeneration function enables continuous regenerative operation at 100% torque. When the converter is connected to multiple inverters, the regenerated energy from one inverter is shared among the others. Excessive energy is returned to the power supply, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Harmonic mitigation (18.5kW to 55kW)

Installing the FR-XC Series converter aids in the compliance with overseas standards related to harmonic suppression (5% or less).