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Maxell Develops CR2450-HR/EX Batteries

January 21, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Maxell Corp. (Fairlawn, NJ) introduced two new heat-resistant batteries for use in onboard tire pressure monitoring systems designed to meet new federal rules mandating automatic warning of faulty tires. The two high-temperature-resistant lithium-manganese dioxide coin cells that power pressure-sensing tags, mount on the rims of each vehicle's wheels.

The new cells, types CR2450-HR and CR2450HR-EX, are specially engineered for the new requirement. The designs include a change in gasket material, a new crimping structure and improved content to operate in the high-temperature environment encountered on rotating auto and light truck wheels. The heat-resistant batteries offer a nominal voltage of 3V, and one lithium battery, with a minimum life span of at least five years, can replace two cells of another chemistry.

Pricing for both batteries starts at approximately $1 and up, with variations depending on specific terminal configuration. They are now available from stock.