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Laird Releases Thermobility Series Energy Harvesters Delivering Up To 50mW

November 28, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Laird Technologies, Inc., announced the release of its new Thermobility™ Series of self-contained thin-film thermoelectric power generators that harvest waste heat and convert it to usable output DC power. Due to its compact size, ability to regulate voltage and store power, these products are ideal to power wireless sensors, low power LEDs or trickle charge batteries where a heat source is readily available. There are two products available for trial: the WPG-1 delivering up to 1 mW output power and the WPG-1S delivering up to 50 mW output power

"The Thermobility Wireless Power Generators offer a simple to use thermal energy harvesting device that can replace hard line power sources for wireless devices," said Andrew Dereka, Laird Technologies Product Manager. "This product series takes away the complexity of designing a thermal energy harvester and provides a turn-key solution that allows design engineers to generate usable output power from minimal temperature differential."

With their compact form factor and ability to harvest energy at the source, the Thermobility Series can be used in remote or mobile settings where a hard line is difficult to install. Many applications in petroleum and gas, commercial infrastructure, transportation and medical instrumentation which use wireless sensors to monitor temperature, composition or flow rate of gases and liquids will find value with integrating these products into their power source requirements.