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Alpha Technologies Eliminates Need for Batteries at Network Edge

September 28, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Alpha Technologies Ltd. today announced the launch of two new products that utilize copper cables to deliver power to devices at the edge of the network. Continuing its longstanding efforts to minimize the need for deploying batteries deep in the network, Alpha announced the LPS04, an extension of its popular LPS36 family of +/-190Vdc line power products. Alpha also announced the availability of its Aggregator™, a product that was sneak-previewed at this year's DAS and Small Cells Congress. The Aggregator is an NEC Class 2 device that enables the combination of multiple cables to deliver power to larger iDAS remote nodes.

"One of our methods of improving the resilience of the telecommunications network is reducing the number of small batteries spread throughout the network," said Grant Clark, Vice President of Product Management & Development.

"Our outdoor Line Power solutions, like the LPS04, enable carriers to use their embedded copper cable to power remote devices from their very robust and reliable central office power plants. And our indoor Line Power products, like the Aggregator, dramatically reduce the capital requirements for powering indoor DAS networks while powering the remote nodes from the power system at the DAS host site."

The LPS04 is a 4-circuit line powering up-converter module that is environmentally sealed for easy deployment in harsh outside plant environments. Its wide operating temperature range and rugged, sealed enclosure make it ideal for installation inside or outside an existing telco cabinet.

The Aggregator combines multiple NEC Class 2 circuits into a single 48V output for powering larger remote iDAS devices. When used in conjunction with Alpha's eLimiterâ„¢ family of products, the Aggregator meets the requirements of NEC Class 2 circuits, enabling DAS and Small Cell providers to use conventional cable to deliver a low cost, high reliability iDAS network.