Using LTSpice for Power Supply

I'll dive somewhat deeper here ...

I need to run a LED as an indicator light when a switch is thrown by an irrigation control system. The switch shows 10VAC when closed.

Should I use a capacitor power supply to power the LED? I attempted to evaluate this in LTSpice, but I'm not quite sure the reading I'm getting is of help.

Would it be helpful if I share the information I'm getting from the program?
The voltage to the LED shows 10VAC, where I had expected the voltage to be attenuated by the circuit. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
I don't quite understand what you want but:
I used a sine wave 60 hz 14Vpk=10Vrms.
Four diodes to get to DC and a capacitor to filter.
1000 resistor to limit the current to 10mA.