Needing Latch Relay Operated by Pulse Circuit


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Hello forum users,

I need to control a Latching relay that is operated by a pulse.

I'm hoping to disconnect power from my solar regulator to my LiFEPO4 battery. It reaches its full voltage and is controlled by bi-stable relays on the BMS.

I need a circuit that is powered from the relays on the BMS to send a pulse to operate the Latching relay.

Looking for something that will not take up a whole bunch of power and once the pulse is sent doesn't consume anything.
A magnetic latching relay will require a shot to latch. Then it will require another to unlatch.

That will retain memory on power loss when needed.

— Mindbender

Jonathan Tisk

Can you share the link to the datasheet? I think that might help us better grasp what you're looking to understand.

Looking forward.

Jonathan Tisk

Utilize those links. They seem pretty helpful.

Still, like @Mindbender said, a magnetic matching relay is probably your best option.

Upload images when you're done. If you ever figure it out.
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