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I planing to use an INA146 precision difference amplifier to do voltage level conversion from 0-12v to 0-3.3volt.
Since the input should be possible to change I like to add voltage follower on the input of the INA146.

My question is what kind of OP-amp should I select that are not damage the performance of the INA146. I guess that it is important that I use device with dual op:s so they are as equal as possible.

What other parameter should I lock at when I select the OP:s. (Gain, Offset, ...). Need to keep the cost down as much as possible but the performance of the INA146 should not be ruined.

I planning to power the INA146 with a +-15v supply (or may be +-12v).

Has any one added a capacitor to INA146 and created a 2:nd order LP-filter. If that is the case, should the cut of frequency be set to the same for the first and second stage? There is an example for AD628 that do this.
This has been very helpful.

I did power the INA146 with a +-15v supply and worked out some kinks. Glad to have gotten your input.

- aYjEP
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