John Cooper

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John Cooper’s early career began in policy research (Texas Senate Research Center 1986-94) & electric regulatory oversight / telecom innovation (Central & South West, 1995-2000), then shifted to unique projects in managed services (Dell/Getronics 2000-2003); smart grid (Austin Energy’s GENie Project, 2004-5); outdoor Wi Fi (Tropos, etc. 2005-2008); energy storage (Xtreme Power financing for the first Wind-Battery integration on Maui 2008-09); DER Integration (Austin Energy’s Pecan Street Project 2009); Virtual Power Plant (VPP) business modeling (Sharp Labs 2010); & Smart Grid Operating System (GridNet 2010-2011). John’s work took him overseas to do energy transition work (Enerjisa Baskent in Ankara, Turkey 2013); energy transformation consulting (Siemens at NB Power in New Brunswick, Canada and across the USA 2013-2016); microgrid consulting (Guadalajara & San Juan, Puerto Rico 2018); and DC Fast Charging (Tritium, Brisbane Australia 2019-2020). John currently consults with Critical Resilience ( and is launching CPR, a Puerto Rico-based project development firm under the brand name Isla Nueva. Throughout his career, John has explored new ideas and concepts in energy, information and communication infrastructure, most notably Resilience, Microgrids and the Energy Internet of Things. Along the way, John has published 15 reports and white papers and 18 articles, two books, two book chapters and most recently he edited a ground-breaking book on the emerging Energy IOT. Following publication of The Advanced Smart Grid, 1st Edition, John was recognized as one of the 15 Most Influential People in Energy (Fierce Magazine 2011) & 100 Smart Grid Movers & Shakers (GreenTech Media 2012).