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Dealing with Common-Mode Voltage Influence

The extreme signal rise-time made possible by wide-bandgap semiconductors create common mode voltages at the switching frequency and above.

Bernd Neuner

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IGBT Modules Sectioned Non-Destructively

Non-destructive sectioning of solid samples is performed by acoustic micro imaging tools, which are sometimes still referred to by their old name of acoustic microscopes.

Tom Adams

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Measuring Signals in the Time Domain to Understand and Design EMI Filters

The design of EMC filters

Günther Herrmann

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High Power Electronics: Cleaning Requirements for Improved Efficiency and Reliability

Moreover, they oftentimes are subjected to elevated temperature and power cycling environments, extremely high current flow and extreme thermal transfer requirements.

Thomas Kucharek, Ravi Parthasarathy, Jigar Patel

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Accelerating Custom Capacitor Design with Simulation Applications

Engineers at Cornell Dubilier Electronics use simulation apps to evaluate and optimize custom capacitor designs.

Sarah Fields

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System-Simulation for Virtual Power Modules

Designing, dimensioning and optimization of power modules and its management is a complex task.

Roberto Gandía

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Effectiveness of Phase Correction When Evaluating High-Efficiency Motor Drive

Against the backdrop of international efforts to prevent global warming, the increasingly efficient motor drive systems used in electric vehicles and industrial application

Hideharu Kondo, Chiaki Yamaura, Yukiya Saito and Hiroki Kobayashi

Product Release    

Wide-Range Bench Top DC Power Supply

The PWR-01 series from Kikusui Electronics is a new wide-range bench top DC power supply that provides unrivaled testing performance in a compact, user-friendly package.

Product Release    

Multipurpose Portable DL350 ScopeCorder Launched

Yokogawa launched its DL350 ScopeCorder –  a compact, portable combination measuring instrument.

Product Release    

Extensometer Introduced for Industrial, EN15000 and EN280 Compliant Off-Highway Vehicle and Equipment Safety Applications

The VPG Transducers brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc.