Elektro-Automatik Announces Programmable Bi-Directional Regenerative Supply Packs 30KW into 4U Chassis

Elektro-Automatik Announces Programmable Bi-Directional Regenerative Supply Packs 30KW into 4U Chassis

Elektro-Automatik, an innovative global supplier of automated test equipment for power electronics products and systems, announces the EA-PSB 10000 30KW Programmable Bi-directional Power Supply. The 4U rack-mounted PSB 10000, engineered with advanced SiC power conversion devices switching at 150 kHz, boasts the industry’s best power density—requiring as little as half the rack space for the same power output as competing programmable supplies.

The PSB 10000 combines an auto-ranging programmable power source and programmable load providing a single chassis solution for simulating source and load for wide range of applications including battery chargers and batteries, electric vehicle power trains, solar inverters and other power conversion devices and systems. The energy utilized in the test is then returned to the ac source via the programmable load’s regenerative output. The result is up to 95% reduction in the energy consumed in the test.

“The high-power density, parallel operational capability and regenerative load feature of the EA-PSB 10000 provide an exceptional solution to large-scale systems testing in automotive, solar and large-scale power supply burn-in applications,” says Eric Turner, EA Elektro-Automatik USA’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “A recent case study involving a production-level power supply burn-in facility operating 24 12.5 KW racks and the potential for over one million BTUs of heat per hour, was able to achieve a 94% reduction in heat generation and saved almost $200,000 per year in energy costs, by utilizing EA’s regenerative load technology.” 

The PSB 10000 (PDF) features a wide range 3-phase input voltage 342-528V, 45-66 Hz, with output voltage ratings of 60V – 2,000V and current ratings from 40A-1000A. The device includes a wide range of programmable functions to simulate complex testing such as electric vehicle load profiles, battery charging, PV simulation per EN 50530 and MPP tracking, and others. The PSB 10000 front panel features a bright, color 5” TFT touch display. The bi-directional feature of the PSB 10000 has the added benefit of zero crossover loss, which eliminates dead-time in switching between programmable source and load which maintains constant power control of the unit under test. 

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