Testing Access Barriers: Precision Power Scope is the Key

Yokogawa’s PX8000 Precision Power Scope is playing a key part in production tests being carried out by Magnetic Autocontrol Group of Schopfheim, Germany: a major global supplier of vehicle and pedestrian access barriers for installations as diverse as access barriers at Frankfurt Airport, the Paris Metro ticket control systems and the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers.

Each year, Magnetic Autocontrol produces more than 15,000 barriers for the world market. The products are based on a modular system using a range of standard components which can easily be customised according to user requirements.  For orders from outside Germany, often only subassemblies or components are shipped from the factory at Schopfheim. These are then further processed and assembled by the company’s global branches to produce the finished end products. This process significantly reduces the transport and storage costs resulting in increased efficiency in the overseas sales activities. 

In principle, the operation of these barriers is similar to the direct drive of a 3-phase control system. The heart of the system consists of one or more motors along with a control unit. Depending on the application and customer requirements, different interfaces are selected including USB, RS485 or Ethernet Ports as well as inputs from card readers, key switches or loop detectors. The number of drives can vary, from one for a standard barrier, up to four for a pedestrian gate.

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