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Tektronix Launches New 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO

With an Award-Winning Industrial Design and the Largest Display in their Class, Tektronix Delivers an Unparalleled User Experience and More Choices for All Engineers.

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Amantys Announces its New Tj Estimation Evaluation System

The Tj Estimation Evaluation System is an exciting new measurement system developed at Amantys Power Electronics, which can estimate accurately both IGBT and diode junction

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Datalogging Platform for Junction Temperature Estimation and Converter Diagnostics

Accurate estimation of a power device’s junction temperature (Tj) is key to the design and reliable operation of a power converter. Amantys Power Electronics Ltd.

Angus Bryant

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Pre-Switch Launches CleanWave 200kW SiC Automotive Inverter Evaluation System

Pre-Switch, Inc., the Silicon Valley start-up that is delivering soft switching for DC/AC and AC/DC power conversion, today announced its CleanWave 200kW silicon carbide (S

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Oscilloscopes are Heavy-Duty Signal Processing Machines

VIP-Interview with Dr.

Henning Wriedt

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A New Proposal to Boost the Reliability of Coil Windings

HIOKI has announced the ST4030 Impulse Winding Tester, featuring next-generation technology ideal for the electric motor and inductor/coil markets.   

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Optical Electric Field Sensor for High Voltage Equipment Diagnostics

Power transmission, power plants, or any high power electronics systems involve high voltage (HV) devices which have to be controlled or even monitored over a significa

Gwenaël Gaborit, Lionel Duvillaret

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SL Power Electronics Releases its Guide to Power Supplies for Test & Measurement Applications

Functionality and durability of test equipment, whether used for validating electronic circuits, testing electronic equipment, analyzing chemical substances, monitoring env

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Isolated Logarithmic Amplifier Using High-Linearity Optocouplers

Logarithmic amplifiers with its log functionality are useful for compressing wide dynamic range signals whereby the measured quantities are in decibels (dB) and they ar

Nelson Quek, Robinson PS Law

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Yokogawa Establishes Yokogawa Norge, Expanding Business into Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industries

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it has established a subsidiary in Norway to engage in the sale of control products and provision of related services.