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Trench Schottky Rectifier: Functioning, Benefits and Use Cases

Named after the German physicist Walter Hans Schottky, the Schottky diode consists mainly of a metal-semiconductor interface.

Dr.-Ing. Reza Behtash

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Switching Performance of 750A/3300V Dual SiC-Modules

Generally, the emerging SiC technology is associated with very high switching frequencies resulting in compact converters This article focuses on this switching behavio

Nils Soltau, Eugen Wiesner, Kenji Hatori

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Latest Generation IGBT Modules for Efficient, Reliable, Power-Dense Systems

The ever-changing landscape of the power electronics market is increasing the need for efficient, reliable and power-dense systems across industries.

Siva Uppuluri

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Maximizing Performance with SiC Discretes

UnitedSiC has recently expanded its SiC FET product offerings to encompass devices with tailored switching speeds and offered both in traditional 3-leaded packages as w

Anup Bhalla

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DC Output for the 27 MHz Resonant Converter

This is the 3rd article in a 3 part series describing a 27 MHz off-line converter.

David Pacholok, Paul Reich and Jim Spangler

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Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing

Current-mode control is widely used for switching mode power supplies due to its high reliability, simple loop compensation design, and si

Henry Zhang, Mike Shriver, and Kevin B. Scott

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1700V X-Series HVIGBT Power Modules with Excellent Performance and Reliability

The railway applications require components with high quality and high efficiency, especially the converter drives should have reliable an

Eugen Wiesner, Dr. Nils Soltau, B.V. Nobuhiko Tanaka

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Rechargeable Solid-State SMD Batteries for IoT Applications

Everything from simple gadgets to complex devices for the industrial IoT requires compact, reliable, and extremely safe power supplies.

Masahiro Oishi

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Reducing Inverter Cost with Current-Measurement Integration in Power Modules

Cost reduction and increased power density combined with long lifetimes are the main challenges for the development of new generations of

Klaus Vogel, Michael Gadermann, Andreas Schmal and Christoph Urban

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The Efficiency Revolution: Migrating to Advanced Low-Standby Power Architectures

The power electronics industry has come a long way in the last 30 years and the pace of development shows no signs of stopping.

Silvestro Fimiani