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Optimize your Power Converters with Faster, Lighter, Cheaper, and More Efficient Designs

Find out more with this example on MV drive…

Guillaume Fontes, Nicolas Videau, Aurélie Cretté

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Leakage Inductance Considerations for Custom Transformers

Magnetics Design: Lessons Learned

Dr. Ray Ridley

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Drastically Reducing Earth Leakage Currents and Increasing Plant Availability

The individual components in variable-speed drives cause earth leakage currents that cumulatively result in the tripping of the RCD.

Philipp Riedl

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Innovative Current Sensor without Toroidal Magnetic Core Offers New Design Advantages

The New Zealand company Raztec Sensors, known as a specialist for Hall Effect current converters, presents a completely unconventional approach to current measurement w

Warren Pettigrew, Raztec Sensors, Sebastiano Leggio

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The Influence of the Operating Temperature on the Service Life and Reliability of Switching Power Supplies

The question of whether to use a tran

Stefan Bergstein

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Datalogging Platform for Junction Temperature Estimation and Converter Diagnostics

Accurate estimation of a power device’s junction temperature (Tj) is key to the design and reliable operation of a power converter. Amantys Power Electronics Ltd.

Angus Bryant

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Active Rectifier Controller with Ultrafast Transient Response and Low Power Dissipation

Automotive standards, such as ISO 16750 or LV124, specify that

Bin Wu

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Gate Drivers for SiCMOSFET/IGBT Power Modules and Their Advantages

In order to meet new requirements for miniaturization, low-loss, and high reliability of power converters, power semiconductors manufacturers are constantly trying to i

Hirotoshi Aoki

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11 Technical FAQs About the Danfoss DCM™Technology Platform for Automotive Traction Inverters

Curious about the technical details of Danfoss’ DCM™ power module technology platform? Wait no longer.

Arne Bieler, Alexander Streibel, Martin L. Kristensen

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A Reverse Conducting IGCT Optimized for Medium Switching Frequency Applications

Highest Power Density for Most Compact Equipment

Umamaheswara Vemulapati, Tobias Wikström, Christian Winter