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Digital Power Supply Loop Design Step-by-Step: Part 2

In the previous article, we showed that the output of almost any op-amp compensator can be emulated in the digital domain with a single linear difference equation.

Dr. Ali Shirsavar

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Piezo Haptic Actuators for Touch Applications

Whether for smartphones, vehicles, in

Christoph Jehle

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Voltage Dividers in Power Supplies

In the design of power supplies, the desired output voltages can be set manually.

Frederik Dostal

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A Step Forward for Benchmark and Design Tools for Power Electronics

Guillaume Fontes, Aurélie Cretté

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Choosing the Right Current Sensor to Observe the Current Waveform of Switching Devices

Research and performance evaluation of high-speed power devices that use materials such as SiC and GaN are progressing at a feverish pace.

Atsushi Nomura, Shougo Toya, Hidekazu Masuda

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Designing a SiC-MOSFET Based 6.6kW Bi-Directional EV On-Board Charger


Chen Wei, Dongfeng Zhu, Haitao Xie, Jianwen Shao

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A Gate Driving Design Guide for CoolSiC MOSFETs

Parasitic turn-ON caused by the Miller capacitance is often considered a weak spot of today’s

Klaus Sobe

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The Next Generation of SiC Power Modules

Since years, Mitsubishi Electric is well-known for its high-current SiC Power Modules, available in different voltage classes.

Nils Soltau, Eckhard Thal, Toru Matsuoka

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Compact High-Current Inductors Based on Coupled Tape-Wound Cores

Coupled-inductor configurations are proposed featuring high power densities based on two mechanisms i) using some high-performance magnetic material and ii) dc-flux cancell

Christian P. Dick, Patrick Deck

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How DC/DC Converters are Making Inroads Into Vehicles and Transport Systems

Automotive manufacturers are now seriously considering moving away from the traditional rotating alternator and migrating to DC/DC converters for road transport application

Frank Vondenhoff