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Potential of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors in Power Electronic Applications


Andreas Lindemann

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Leading-Edge Power Modules for the New Era in Traction Converters

Today, 55 percent of the world’s population live in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68 percent by 2050 [1].

Vishal Jadhav, Wilhelm Rusche, Andre Lenze

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Oscilloscopes are Heavy-Duty Signal Processing Machines

VIP-Interview with Dr.

Henning Wriedt

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EMV 2019: International Trade Fair with Workshops

First-Class Business and Networking Platform for EMCEMV 2019, the 31-year-old international trade fair with workshops for electromagnetic compatibility, was once again

Roland R. Ackermann

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Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition – APEC 2019

APEC, the premier annual event in applied power electronics provides technical information of interest to everyone involved in the power electronics community

Gary M. Dolny

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Optical Electric Field Sensor for High Voltage Equipment Diagnostics

Power transmission, power plants, or any high power electronics systems involve high voltage (HV) devices which have to be controlled or even monitored over a significa

Gwenaël Gaborit, Lionel Duvillaret

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DC Microgrids for Commercial or Industrial Buildings

DC microgrids have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Julian Kaiser, Roland Weiß, Jörn Burk

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Innovation Strategies for Capacitors from the Made in China 2025 Initiative

China is constantly developing towards technology leadership.

Alexander Schedlock, Ole Bjørn, Dr. Arne Albertsen

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1000V Output, No-Opto, Isolated Flyback Converter for High Output Voltage Applications

Isolated flyback converters are used in automotive

George Qian, Michael Wu

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Designing High Voltage GaN Switch Reliability

Transphorm has created an extensive body of reliability data across multiple generations of products that demonstrate the robustness of the platform; by extensive quali

Ronald Barr, Ken Shono, Jim McKay, Peter Smith, Rakesh Lal, Yifeng Wu, Likun Shen