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The Double Pulse Test System for Power Semiconductor Dynamic Characterization

What is the ideal Double Pulse Test (DPT) system?A question we often ask as a test & measurement equipment manufacturer is ‘What is the ideal power semiconductor dynami

Ryo Takeda

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High Voltage Power Semiconductor Modules with Enhanced Insulation Properties

One of the main parameters related to reliability and safety of power semiconductor modules is the strength of electric insulation.

S. D. Antonov, A. A. Pisarev, I. Y.Savin

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Design Automation Conference: An Important Update for the Electronics Industry

An important update for the electronics industry This year the 56th Design Automation Conference (DAC) plus Exhibition took place in early June in Las Vegas, USA.

Henning Wriedt

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High CV MLCC DC BIAS Capacitance Loss Explained

MLCC capacitors are dominating today’s capacitor market enabling high grade of electronics miniaturization.

Tomas Zednicek

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Acoustic Investigation for Internal Structural Defects in TO-247 and TO-220 Packages

TO-247 packages, along with TO-220s, are designed for use in high-power, through-hole situations.

Tom Adams, Enes Ugur

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How to Safely Achieve High-Accuracy Testing Results in High-Voltage Measurement

One of the first principals learned as an engineering student is the “observer effect” which states that simply observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes

Chad Clark

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A New Dual-in-Line Surface Mountable IPM for Motor Drive Applications

This article introduces a new dual-in-line surface-mount device (SMD)-type intelligent power module (IPM) specialized for low-power BLDC motor-drive systems such as fan

Bum-Seok Suh, Junho Lee

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Solving the Voltage Drop Problems of Industrial Power Lines

The LT8710 is a versatile DC-to-DC controller that supports boost, SEPIC, inverting, or

Victor Khasiev

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Thermal Resistance and Capacitance are Critical Parameters of Power Devices

Modern power transistor chips shrink continuously, GaN and

Artur Seibt

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PWM Inverter Power Measurement System Required for Evaluating the Efficiency of Advanced Motor Drive Systems

Measuring power accurately in the inverter switching frequency and its harmonic frequency domain is critical in order to properly evaluate the performance of high effic

Hiroki Kobayashi, Kenta Ikeda, Koki Nakazawa, Chiaki Yamaura, Masayuki Harano