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How to Get Your Power Supply Design Right the First Time

Nobody wants to reinvent the wheel, least of all power supply designers.

Michael Jackson and Joe McClean

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Optimizing the Prototyping and Design of Custom Magnetics

To meet application-specific feature specifications, many high-frequency magnetics designs must now be customized.

Cathal Sheehan

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Quasi-Class E Achieves Power Control and ZIS/ZVS

This is the first in a three-part series describing a novel approach to high frequency (27 MHz) power conversion and control.

David Pacholok, Paul Reich and Jim Spangler

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Building a Linear Charger for Wearable Applications

Wearable devices have become increasingly integrated into our lives.

Hank Cao

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Reduce Size and Increase Efficiency with GaN-based LLC Solutions

GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (GaN HEMT) have a lower driving loss and shorter deadtime circuit benefits due to significantly reduced gate charge (Qg) and outp

Yajie Qiu

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Thévenin Equivalent Circuit and Maximum Power Transfer

The objective of this article is to verify Thévenin’s theorem by obtaining the Thévenin equivalent voltage (VTH) and Thévenin equivalent resistance (RTH) for

Antoniu Miclaus and Doug Mercer

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High Bs Ferrite Material for High Power Application

There is no doubt that power electronics plays a critical role in the evolution of the overall infrastructure of energy supply, from motion control and drives

J.C. Sun

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Heat Dissipation Challenge in Automotive High-Power Integrated Magnetics

In 2016, Premo Group launched 3DPower™, the first product to integrate two magnetic components that share the same core and feature two orthogonal magnetic fi

Hector Perdomo Díaz, Juan Manuel Codes Troyano

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Development of a Wideband High-Precision Current Sensor

In the field of power electronics, especially within the automotive and railway segments, the miniaturization and heightened efficiency of inverters that repr

Masayuki Harano, Hajime Yoda, Kenichi Seki, Kazunobu Hayashi, Tetsuya Komiyama, Shuhei Yamada

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Temperature Stability Assessment of GaN Power Amplifiers with Matching Tantalum Capacitors

Wide bandgap GaN and SiC devices are expected to experience high levels of growth in applications ranging from power conversion to RF transistors and MMICs.

T. Zednicek, European Passive Components Institute, Lanskroun, Czech Republic; R. Demcko, M. Weaver, D. West, AVX Corporation, Fountain Inn, SC, USA; T. Blecha, F. Steiner, J. Svarny, R. Linhart, RICE, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic