Technical Articles

Technical Article    

Extended Resistance Range Opens Up New Applications

Susumu has expanded the resistance range of the RG series by using a new high-impedance material, adjusting the pattern and more precise trimming.  

Ryuji Hayashi

Technical Article    

Rectifier Package Development

Smaller and lower profile rectifier packages with more advanced processes achieve zero defects  

Jos van Loo

Technical Article    

High Voltage Family of Controllers Reduces DC-to-DC Converter Cost and Size

LTC3892 is a versatile controller, widely used in automotive and industrial applications.

Victor Khasiev

Technical Article    

Demystifying the Paralleling of IGBT Modules

Paralleling power devices are of general interest, as they help increase the power rating of inverter systems very easily.

Thomas Schütze, Matthias Wissen

Technical Article    

The Intelligent Power Module Concept for Motor Drive Inverters

Designers of inverters for small AC motors in consumer and general-pu

Philipp Jabs, Muzaffer Albayrak

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Model Continuity: From Offline Simulation to Real-Time Testing

The dream of many engineering managers is having a single simulation model or “digital twin” for a newly developed product or application.

Jost Allmeling

Technical Article    

EconoDUAL 3 has Highest Power Density and Performance Using New IGBT7

The development of the new semiconductor generation targets a current density increase with the aim to reduce system costs for inverter manufacturers.

Klaus Vogel, Christoph Urban

Technical Article    

Specializing Performance: Collaboration Gets it Right with Custom Power Magnetics

Off-the-shelf magnetic components are often a compromise solution for any application, both electrically and mechanically.

Peter F Vaughan

Technical Article    

A High Temperature Gate Driver for Half Bridge SiC MOSFET 62mm Power Modules

Today, wide bandgap semiconductors, in particular 

Pierre Delatte

Technical Article    

Digital Power Supply Loop Design Step-by-Step: Part 2

In the previous article, we showed that the output of almost any op-amp compensator can be emulated in the digital domain with a single linear difference equation.

Dr. Ali Shirsavar