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Heat Dissipation Challenge in Automotive High-Power Integrated Magnetics

In 2016, Premo Group launched 3DPower™, the first product to integrate two magnetic components that share the same core and feature two orthogonal magnetic fi

Hector Perdomo Díaz, Juan Manuel Codes Troyano

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Development of a Wideband High-Precision Current Sensor

In the field of power electronics, especially within the automotive and railway segments, the miniaturization and heightened efficiency of inverters that repr

Masayuki Harano, Hajime Yoda, Kenichi Seki, Kazunobu Hayashi, Tetsuya Komiyama, Shuhei Yamada

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Temperature Stability Assessment of GaN Power Amplifiers with Matching Tantalum Capacitors

Wide bandgap GaN and SiC devices are expected to experience high levels of growth in applications ranging from power conversion to RF transistors and MMICs.

T. Zednicek, European Passive Components Institute, Lanskroun, Czech Republic; R. Demcko, M. Weaver, D. West, AVX Corporation, Fountain Inn, SC, USA; T. Blecha, F. Steiner, J. Svarny, R. Linhart, RICE, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic

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Current Source Gate Drivers Boost the Turn-On Performance of IGBT

Gate drive design engineers are often forced to use larger turn-on resistors than the IGBT ́s datasheet proposes in order to slow down the maximum dv

Wolfgang Frank and Holger Hüsken

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High Voltage Thyristors with Self-protection Elements in Situations Beyond Safe Operation Mode

This article addresses the possibility of forming built-in overvoltage self-protection elements in high-voltage semiconductor thyristors with local proton irradiation of th

Dmitry Titushkin, Alexey Surma, Vladimir Verevkin, Igor Savin

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Power Modules in Low Power Drive Applications

IGBT based power modules are used for a wide power range and voltage range.

Patrick Baginski

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nHPD2 Power Modules: Where Innovation Meets Requirements

More than two decades ago, the first high-voltage IGBT-based power module was introduced.

Michael Sleven

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Modern Electric Motor Technology and Applications

The benefits of brushless motors have been marketed in recent years, reference vacuum cleaners and portable drills for example.

Martin Hill

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Supervisory ICs for Easy Monitoring of Multiple Voltages

Supervisory ICs are small monitoring modules that, with their own voltage references, can monitor voltage supplies in electronic systems.

Frederik Dostal

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Power Capacitors Toughen Up for Life with Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

High-efficiency power MOSFETs, rectifier diodes and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) are needed to meet the requirements of power, temperature, and cost placed up

Reggie Phillips