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Integrated Capacitors Reduce Commutation Loop Inductance

Designers pursuing the right balance of price and performance to satisfy today’s demand for power-switching applications are cutting it close with inverters.

György Kovács

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How to Analyze Control Loop Stability with Bode Plots Using Modern Oscilloscopes

Traditionally, the method of choice has been to observe the step response and judge from the timing of whether the control loop is stable and fast enough.

Dr. Markus Herdin, Marcus Sonst

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Rugged 600V 3-Phase Gate Driver with Integrated Bootstrap Diode and Fast Overcurrent Protection

Ruggedness and low cost of ownership over a long service life make three-phase motors, whether they’re induction or permanent-magnet brushless motors, favorites for ind

Michele Lauria, Massimiliano Magni

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Design and Optimization of Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode

Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Alex Cui

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Validating Battery Management Systems with Simulation Models

Battery storage systems are critical technology for the success of

Tony Lennon

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Dual-Channel, 42V, 4A Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 with 6.2 μA Quiescent Current

The LT8650S 42V, dual-channel, 4A synchronous Silent Switcher® 2 regulator features a wide input voltage range of 3V to 42V, ideal for automotive, industrial, and other

Hua (Walker) Bai

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The Optimal Design for High Frequency GaN-Based Totem Pole PFC

GaN-based power transistors provide increased power density and efficiency in power electronics.

Jimmy Liu, Paul Wiener

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Simulating Wide-Bandgap Power Circuits Using Advanced Characterization and Modeling

With the emergence of wide-bandgap

Ryo Takeda, Bernhard Holzinger, Noriyoshi Hashimoto

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Dissecting the Proper Specification of Magnetic Components

Design of power magnetic components for energy technique is a tedious task, mostly adopted with skilled craftmanship, among others there are two important criteria for

JC Sun, K. Seitenbecher

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Part 3: Digital Power Supply Loop Design Step-by-Step

In the previous article,

Ali Shirsavar