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Worried About Gate Driver Insulation? Apply the ‘BIER’ Test

Latest Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors are approaching the ideal with hyper-fast switching at high voltages with low losses while modern MOSFETs and trench IGBTs can

Markus Stöger

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Constant Current LED Drivers: Cost Efficient, Reliable, and Easy to Use

LEDs are widely used across all market segments.

Dr.-Ing. Jan Preibisch

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“Problem-Solver Alloy” for Fasteners

Reducing contact resistance and heat development with ISA-CON®450

S. Brockhaus

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More Power to the Electric Drivetrain

To power up the fast-growing fleet of xEVs, Danfoss Silicon Power has developed a power module technology platform, DCM™1000, for automotive traction applications.

Martin L. Kristensen, Dr. Ole Mühlfeld

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More Choices, Greater Security Supply Chain Issues and Top Performance

Dr. Evangelos Theodossiu, Hadiuzzaman Syed

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Designing With LDOs

Low drop-out linear regulators (LDOs) are ubiquitous in circuit design. Many have just three terminals; VIN, VOUT and GND. What could possibly go wrong?

Daniel (Dan) Tooth

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Automotive SiC MOSFETs in Low-Inductive SMD Package with Kelvin Source

It is widely accepted that modern Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs can achieve very high switching speeds, which helps to reduce the energy loss in power electronic conver

Christian Felgemacher, Felipe Filsecker, Farhan Beg, Aly Mashaly, Seiya Kitagawa

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Power Module Substrate Options Available to Lower Semiconductor Junction Temperatures for Increased Reliability

Parameters often change during the design cycle which can lead to redesigns and PCB board re-spins. This can create delays in the product development program as differe

Jerry Moudilos

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Some Aspects of AESA Power Supply Management

There are many applications, which utilize pulse-type load for power supply units (PSU).

Oleg Negreba

Technical Article    

Overvoltage Protection for RTD-Based Measurement Systems

Is it possible to design a complete RTD module with overvoltage protection?

Yao Zhao