APEX Introduces MP165 High Voltage MOSFET

APEX Introduces MP165 High Voltage MOSFET

The MP165 is a high voltage, MOSFET based operational amplifier with a monolithic amplifier core developed for high-density power applications with high output currents or voltages. It is designed for operation up to 200V, and 4A of continuous current. Separate supplies for the amplifier core and the output stage optimize the overall power dissipation in the devices.

The MP165 offers a wide-range (4000:10), temperature compensated current limit. An additional over-current flag allows for a flexible implementation of system protection, with output disable function adding another layer of optional protection.

Pins for external compensation provides the user flexibility in choosing optimum gain and bandwidth for the application. The VTEMP pin helps in measuring the case temperature of the amplifier.



  • Monolithic MOS Technology for Amplifier Core
  • High Voltage Operation (200V Output)
  • Current Limit with Over-Current Flag
  • High Output Current 4A Continuous and 10A Peak



  • High-Density Voltage or Current Supplies
  • Electrostatic Transducer and Deflection
  • Deformable Mirror Focusing 
  • Piezo Electric Positioning 
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