7th Generation NX type (NX7) Converter Inverter Brake (CIB) Modules

7th Generation NX type (NX7) Converter Inverter Brake (CIB) Modules

Focused at industrial drive applications such as elevators, Mitsubishi Electric has launched the 650V and 1200V NX7 CIB power modules which utilize the latest 7th generation CSTBT™ IGBT along with the RFC (Relaxed Field of Cathode) diodes.

Depending on the current rating, the modules are available in two package sizes: 45mm x 107.5mm (CIB-S) and 62mm x 122mm (CIB-M). The electrical characteristics of the new thin wafer 7th generation chips have been tuned for the reduction of overall power losses.

A breakthrough in the packaging technology (SLC – ‘SoLid Cover’ technology which includes an insulated metal baseplate structure) has resulted in the elimination of ‘thermal cycling’ as a possible lifetime limiting factor. This feature offers the design engineer a clear advantage with regards to reliability when the application requires the power module to operate under continuously changing load conditions. 

The unique combination of the SLC technology packing and the low loss 7th generation chip technology enables the designer to develop an efficient, reliable and a compact inverter that can be used as a platform solution for multiple power levels. The datasheets for the NX7 CIB can be downloaded from the homepage.


More information: Mitsubishi Electric