PCIM Asia 2017 – Breaking New Ground

PCIM Asia 2017 – Breaking New Ground

PCIM Asia 2017 returned to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, June 27 – 29. This was the 16th year for the show, including the largest exhibition for power electronics and a comprehensive conference program. PCIM Asia is now the definitive meeting place for the industry in China and Asia. 84(1) exhibiting companies occupied more than 7000 m² displaying the latest products and innovations to over 5600(2) trade visitors and media. The conference attracted over 352(3) participants offering a comprehensive English language conference program, which covers power electronics trends, especially in the area of smart grid and electric vehicles. Having visited PCIM Asia for the past eight years, I’ve seen the growth of the industry and the exhibition from a regional event to now and increasingly global showcase featuring international and Chinese products with industry-wide implications. Here are some of the most important highlights:


SiC Devices Are Center Stage at PCIM Asia

As the most advanced wide-band-gap semiconductor material, SiC has become increasingly important and in demand as its global industry chain increases. SiC device performs the best at high power, high frequency and low lose condition. At PCIM Asia this year, major leading exhibitors are showcasing their latest developments at SiC devices, including:

  • Mitsubishi Electric showcased 15A/25A Full-SiC DIPIPM, 800A/1.2V Full-SiC MOSFET module, 100A~600A/1.2kV HybridSiC high frequency IGBT and 1200A/1.7kV Hybrid-SiC HVIGBT.
  • Infineon showcased their new advantage series IGBT, as well as full SiC module, which are going to be volume produced later this year.
  • Fuji Electric showcased 1st Gen trench SiC module, covering from 25A~400A/1200V.
  • Semikron showcased hybrid-SiC and All-SiC modules with SEMITOP package.
  • Toshiba showcased All-SiC modules, including 400A/1700V 2in1, 600A/1200V 2in1 and 3300V 1in1.


China Domestic Players Are Globalizing

In recent years with the support of national and provincial Chinese organizations, China’s SiC and GaN power device development has reached a breakthrough to international quality and specifications. Since 2000, many Chinese firms have applied for and received numerous patents for SiC and GaN power devices. Since 2010, the number of patent applications in this field has increased significantly. The number of patents for wide-band-gap materials and devices from China is 4th after Japan, the US and Germany(4). Most of these patent applications are from research institutes, universities and companies less than ten years old.

At PCIM Asia this year,

  • CRRC showcased 200A&300A/1200V All-SiC module with STD package, 500A/3300V hybrid-SiC IGBT module and discrete SiC devices.
  • Microsilver showcased 300A/1200V All-SiC module with STD package, as well as 3-level I-type modules with NX package covering 200A~400A at 650V~1200V.
  • CENGOL, founded in 2010 in Beijing, showcased 6A~40A/650V~1200V SiC SBD, MOSFET and 1200V full SiC power modules.
  • BASiC semiconductor showcased 1200V, 1700V SiC JBS Diodes, 1200V SiC MOSFET and 10kV SiC PiN Diode.


Outlook for the China Power Electronics Market

China is engaged in a national effort to revolutionize energy consumption and usage, which in turn will drive the power electronics device industry in China for the next 10 to 20 years. This is undoubtedly the start of the Chinese Golden age in power electronics. During the next 20 years, the industrial and commercial demands for power electronics devices will be great and competition will be intense. This will also foster greater investment in both incremental demand and energy-saving technology research that will foster rapid development of downstream industry production. By 2020, China’s electrical power electronic device market is expected to exceed 500 billion RMB(5).



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