‘Protect. Control. Sense’ Market Application Solutions Featured at PCIM Europe 2016

Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, will be attending one of the world’s leading events on the latest developments in the field of power electronics, PCIM Europe 2016 in Nuremberg from May 10-12, 2016. At this event, the company will be unveiling two new power semiconductor families: Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes and silicon IGBT technology at its Booth 7-140 (Hall 7).

“This year, Littelfuse is excited to be to showcase its power semiconductor strategy. We are continuing to invest and develop our portfolio to bring interesting capability to the market,” said Ian Highly, senior vice president and general manager, semiconductor products, and CTO at Littelfuse. “Littelfuse has the unique ability to combine typical portions of a power electronics system, protection, control, sense, into an integrated systems-level approach. No other technology supplier can bring the same level of coordination and integration of key elements of a power system,” he added.

Booth Demonstration

An in-booth demonstration will illustrate the capabilities of Monolith’s SiC MOSFET technology with a 5kW buck converter (as illustrated in the schematic) with 675V nominal input and 350V nominal output. The converter switches at high frequencies (~200kHz) with an efficiency (>98%) that cannot be achieved with silicon IGBTs.

In 2015, Monolith formed a strategic partnership with Littelfuse, Inc. to develop SiC power semiconductors for industrial and automotive markets. Monolith’s cutting-edge SiC MOSFET technology enables drastic reductions in system size and weight (as a result of the higher frequency capabilities) and power consumption (due to reduced power losses) across a broad range of applications in industrial and automotive markets. Representatives from Monolith Semiconductor and the designer of the power converter will be on hand to share additional information on the advantages of Monolith’s SiC technology and how it is poised to revolutionize power electronics.

Protect and Control

The Littelfuse booth will showcase solutions for the following market applications:

  • Datacom Power - Protecting the global telecom network, from smart phones to cellular base stations
  • Solar – High reliability and safeguards for equipment and systems subject to harsh environments in photovoltaic installations
  • Industrial Drives - Ensuring the safe control and distribution of electrical power in industrial applications
  • Electric Vehicles & Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Protect and control solutions for synchronizing, frequency control, load sharing and power management

New Product Announcement

  • In addition to showcasing its diverse product solutions portfolio, Littelfuse will launch the new LFUSCD Series of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Diodes and announce its own IGBT die technology

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