Ultra-High-Efficiency MOSFET Family by Adding 30V and 60V Devices

Ultra-High-Efficiency MOSFET Family by Adding 30V  and 60V Devices

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has expanded its family of ultra-high-efficiency, low-voltage MOSFETs by adding new 30V and 60V devices to the company’s existing 40V offering. All of the devices will be available in ultra-compact, thermally efficient DSOP Advance package options that significantly improve heat dissipation through dual-sided cooling.

Comprising one 30V device and one 60V device, the new N-channel MOSFETs are based on Toshiba’s next-generation U-MOS IX-H trench semiconductor process. This process has been designed to deliver ‘best-in-class’ efficiency across a wide range of load conditions by driving down on resistance (RDS(ON)) and improving switching efficiency by reducing output charge (QOSS). 

The MOSFETs will help designers to reduce losses and board space in a variety of power management circuits including high-side and low-side switching in DC-DC conversion and secondary side synchronous rectification in AC-DC designs. The technologies are also ideal for motor control and for protection circuit modules in electronic equip-ment based on Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries. 

At a voltage (VGS) of 10V, the maximum RDS(ON) rating for the 30V MOSFET is just 0.6mΩ, while typical COSS is 2160pF. The 60V item offers RDS(ON) and typical COSS ratings:  1.3mΩ and  960pF. This ensures enhanced flexibility for optimising performance in a given application.

More information: Toshiba Electronics Europe