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Automotive High Capacity Power Module

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a tremendous change.

René Spenke, Hussein Khalid

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PSMA Power Technology Roadmap Provides Insights into Technology and Research Advancing Power Conversion Developments

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) announces the 2019 edition of the

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Mersen Electrical Power Announces Launch of New Global Website

Global Electrical Power and Advanced Materials leader Mersen is pleased to announce the launch of a new Electrical Power website.

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The Challenges of Using SiC MOSFET-Based Power Modules for Solar Inverters

This article examines SiC MOSFETs as a viable o

Matthias Tauer

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Miniature Low-Profile Power Inductors from TT Electronics Save Space and Energy in High-Density DC-DC Converters

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has introduced the HA74 series of surface-mount power inductors, which co

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15 Watt Cost-Optimized, High-Efficiency DC-DC Converters from Traco Power

Traco Power has announced the release of their THL 15WI family of 15W DC/DC converters that are designed for industrial, mobile, instrumentation, and communication markets

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Aspects of AESA Power Supply Management

When developing a conceptual design of a power supply units for different pulse loads, designers can use two different approaches – either to use a high power PSU which

Oleg Negreba

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Triple Bucks Plus a Boost Controller to Meet Tough Requirements of Wide Range VINAutomotive Applications

Automobiles present space-constrained, harsh environments that demand reliable and compact power supplies for increasingly complex electronics systems.

Zhongming Ye

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Premier Magnetics Introduces Line of Frequency-Optimized Planar Transformers

Up to 250W rated transformers are optimized for 200-700 KHz switching applications

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New Line of Ac-Dc Power Filters Addresses EMC and Surge Compliance

CUI’s Power Group today announced the addition of