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Traco Power announces TRI Series of High-Isolation 3-20W DC-DC Converters with 1000VACrms Working Voltage

High-isolation 3 - 20 Watt DC/DC converters with 1000 VACrms working voltage

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Solving the Voltage Drop Problems of Industrial Power Lines

The LT8710 is a versatile DC-to-DC controller that supports boost, SEPIC, inverting, or

Victor Khasiev

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MaxPower: Rectifier for Highest Current Densities

The innovative semiconductor manufacturer MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its product portfolio with a series of MOS-based

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New Power Switching Regulator with the Industry's Lowest Quiescent Current Extends Battery Life in IoT Designs

TI's 60-nA IQ buck converter increases efficiency and shrinks solution size in a variety of battery-powered industrial and personal electronics applications.

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PWM Inverter Power Measurement System Required for Evaluating the Efficiency of Advanced Motor Drive Systems

Measuring power accurately in the inverter switching frequency and its harmonic frequency domain is critical in order to properly evaluate the performance of high effic

Hiroki Kobayashi, Kenta Ikeda, Koki Nakazawa, Chiaki Yamaura, Masayuki Harano

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Improved Characteristics at Lower Costs for TBA 1 Series of 1W DC/DC Converters

Traco Power has announced the release of their TBA 1 series of 1-watt DC/DC converters in the industry-standard SIP-4 package measuring 0.46 x 0.24 x 0.38”. This style of D

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200kW SiC Inverter Evaluation System

Pre-Switch, Inc.

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Announcement and Call for APEC 2020 Industry Session Presentations

Want to give a talk at APEC but don't want to write a paper? Then making an Industry Session Presentation may be for you!

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Three-Level NPC Topology with Tandem Diodes: The Cost-Efficient Solution for 1500 VDC, Multi-String Solar Inverters

Innovative solutions aimed to improve efficiency without upping costs are sure to interest users, particularly in a very competitive business environment.

Guillem Gargallo Pallardó

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Bel Power Solutions Announces Melcher™ LR Series 300 W AC-DC Cassette Converters for Railway and Rugged Industrial Applications

Santa Clara, CA, Bel Power Solutions today announced their Melcher™ LR Series 300 W AC-DC cassette converters, which are d