New Line of Ac-Dc Power Filters Addresses EMC and Surge Compliance

New Line of Ac-Dc Power Filters Addresses EMC and Surge Compliance

CUI’s Power Group today announced the addition of ac-dc power filters, designed to accompany its existing portfolio of low power embedded ac-dc power supplies. The EMC-20 and EMC-30 series offer 20 dB and 30 dB of ac-line noise filtering at 150 kHz to 1 GHz, respectively. Available in compact board mount, chassis mount, and DIN rail configurations, the models ensure surge compliance to the IEC/EN61000-4-5 standard and reduce conducted and radiated emissions to help designs comply with CISPR22/EN55022 Class B limits.

CUI’s ac-dc EMC filters further feature a wide input voltage range from 85 to 305 Vac and accept up to 1.5 A of nominal input current. A 2,000 Vac isolation voltage and wide operating temperature range from -40 to +85°C affords additional ruggedness in harsh environments. These ac-dc power filters ultimately provide engineers with a convenient modular solution for addressing EMC and surge challenges, while reducing the need for additional external components.



Product name: EMC‑20, EMC‑30 

Possible users: Designers needing to address EMC and surge challenges

Primary features: 20 & 30 dB ac-line noise filtering, multiple mounting options


More information: CUI Inc.