Newtons4th Ltd develops Calorimeter for power calibration up to 2MHz

Newtons4th Ltd develops Calorimeter for power calibration up to 2MHz

UK designers and manufactures of power analyzers Newtons4th Ltd (N4L) have developed a wideband power calibrator utilizing an innovative calorimetric technique. This advance in power metrology enables N4L to provide ISO17025 accredited power calibration within 0.21% uncertainty up to 2MHz.

The breakthrough design separates N4L as the only commercial power analyzer manufacturer with ISO17025 accredited power calibration above 100kHz and includes non-sinusoidal waveforms that no conventional power calibration system can match.

Why is high-frequency power accuracy important?

As switching frequencies in power conversion products increase, associated power losses move further into a frequency range where measurement accuracy is reduced. Unfortunately for power design engineers, most power analyzer suppliers provide little or no power calibration above 100kHz, where switching losses increasingly reside.

Complicating things further, high-frequency power components are usually low in magnitude relative to low-frequency components, so calibration of a single frequency at high power does not reflect the true nature of signals found in modern power conversion. 

This calorimeter development overcomes these constraints and differentiates N4L as the only power analyzer manufacturer offering ISO17025 accredited evidence of power accuracy over the complete frequency range of its power measurement instruments.

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