PowerForge Offers a Wider Range of Solutions for Power Converter Design

PowerForge Offers a Wider Range of Solutions for Power Converter Design

Power Design Technologies has introduced a new generation of design tool to better help companies seize opportunities in a market where global competition pushes for shorter time-to-market and higher performance.


Caught Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Designing performing power converters has become increasingly challenging in the last years and this trend is not slowing down. On the one hand, power designers need to master a wide set of skills: topologies, component selection, inductor sizing and thermal evaluation among others. On the other hand, competition at international level drives the entire industry toward product differentiation and shorter development cycles. For design teams, finding the product-price-market fit has never been so challenging!


Product Description

PowerForge is a powerful platform for designing, exploring and comparing power converter designs. Centered around the engineer’s workflow, it offers a seamless experience from product specification stages to trade-off of most advanced multilevel topologies and sizing of passive and active components.

Thanks to multidisciplinary integration of electric, magnetic and thermal aspects early in the design process, PowerForge empowers development teams with a unique tool for designing lighter, smaller and more efficient converters in record time.

Power Design Technologies has concentrated years of research and know-how in a single tool to allow direct comparison of standard and multilevel designs," says Dr. Thierry Meynard, scientific advisor and co-founder.

The combination of deep power electronics knowledge with proprietary fast steady-state calculation algorithms built into PowerForge enables the exploration of cutting-edge multilevel conversion stages in unprecedented short time.


Key Features

  • Automated design of bidirectional non-isolated DC/DC and DC/AC conversion stages in the kW to MW range,
  • Effortless transition and comparison between well-known 2-level and advanced multilevel topologies thanks to native support for NPC, flying-capacitor and interleaved parallel cells,
  • Device and material libraries including IGBT & MOSFET (Si & SiC), capacitors and magnetic materials,
  • Instant mass, volume and loss estimates for active and passive components,
  • Ready-to-use file exports for industry-standard software,
  • Real-time, collaborative multi-user project sharing thanks to cloud access.


Industry Evolution

Demand for more efficient power converters keeps driving the entire industry toward fast-paced evolutions in all domains of power electronics. Designers need to maintain a deep expertise in an increasingly number of subjects. Power Design Technologies made the same observation and developed PowerForge, the reference platform for engineers to explore cutting-edge designs in record time and develop winning products!

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