Hermetically Sealed 125⁰C AC Capacitors for 400Hz Aerospace and Marine Applications

MH series hermetically sealed capacitors are specifically designed for 400Hz AC filtering in high-reliability applications. The proprietary dry-film dielectric system, originally developed for direct mounting on aircraft generators, offers an extended operational temperature range to 125⁰C without voltage derating. The capacitors are hermetically sealed for superior moisture protection. MH series capacitors have been employed in critical 400Hz AC aerospace and marine applications since 2002. 

ECI’s 125⁰C metalized dielectric system, combined with unique proprietary process development, yields superior performance and electrical characteristics to traditional 125⁰C dielectric choices like polycarbonate or PPS. The low loss dielectric system also offers higher corona inception voltages than metalized polycarbonate and superior self-healing to metalized PPS. ECI’s critical process development and testing ensure users receive the highest reliability capacitors. Production is 100% dual-screened at 125⁰C burn-in for peak DC equivalent and 400Hz AC rating. 

Summary of MH series advantages include:

  • 125⁰C operation without derating.
  • Rated AC voltage: 160 VAC at 400Hz.
  • Environmentally sealed hermetic packaging ensures reliability in high humidity environments.
  • Dielectric system proven in filter applications directly mounted on 400Hz generators in aerospace jet applications since 2002.
  • The axial leaded package is well suited for board-mounted applications requiring operation at high temperatures in harsh environments.
  • American made in our ITAR registered design and manufacturing plant to AS9100 quality system requirements.
  • All capacitors are dual-screened through 100% burn-in at 125⁰C for both peak DC and 400Hz AC ratings.
  • Very low loss dielectric system outperforms traditional polycarbonate capacitors.
  • Very tight capacitance change across the temperature range.
  • Self-healing properties are superior to PPS.
  • Available in custom designs and packaging on request.

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