HiPak Modules in Chopper Configuration for 3300V and 4500V

HiPak Modules in Chopper Configuration for 3300V and 4500V

ABB introduces two new Chopper modules to its HiPak family. The products feature the well established reliability of the ABB HiPak power modules with highest load-cycling capability. The HiPak Chopper modules an IGBT with antiparallel free-wheeling diode and an additional separate diode to free-wheel the copper impedance or serve as a neutral point diode in three level inverters. These modules are an ideal solution for resistive voltage limiting Choppers or to simplify the built of three level converters.

The chopper modules are available as 4500V version with a current rating of 800A and 3300V with a current rating of 1000A. Both versions feature the highly rugged and low loss SPT+ chip technology that has proven its quality in numerous demanding applications such as in Traction, in T&D and in Renewables.

The modules can be ordered with the following part numbers:

  • 4500V 800A Chopper: 5SNE 0800G450300
  • 3300V 1000A Chopper: 5SNE 1000E330300


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