The First 300mm Inverter Stack Family for Solar Applications

The First 300mm Inverter Stack Family for Solar Applications

The SEMIKUBE SlimLine 3-phase solar inverter completes the SEMIKUBE family with a new solar dedicated product range. Easy cabinet assembly, full system monitoring for optimised service management, outstanding environmental and electrical robustness. The SEMIKUBE SlimLine was developed with these aspects in mind. 

The SEMIKUBE SlimLine is available in four different frames, covering the power range from 75kVA to 1000kVA with a power density up to 7.8kVA/l. Complying with solar standards IEC 62109-1 and UL1741, the whole product range is designed for UL approval at 1000V.
This generation of SEMIKUBE stacks is air-cooled and closes the gap for inverter setups up to 1MW. The latest trench 4 IGBTs ensure a long service life. The integrated system monitoring collects all data of heatsink temperature, DC link and current and provides them, galvanically isolated, to the controller. Thanks to the high accuracy of DC link and current signals the lifecycle service management can be optimised. The integrated driver electronics, using latest SEMIKRON ASIC chip sets, contains all the protection, measurement, and control functions, to operate safely an inverter up to 1000V DC link voltage. A CAN interface provides for parameter setting of error and signal management as well as failure diagnostics. Error conditions of the full system can easily be analysed in the field by the CAN readout which reduces significantly the service effort. 

The flat frame provides two IP54 separated areas in a 300mm thickness, respectively for power component cooling on back side and customer electrical interface on front side which allows the use in tough environments. The specification for 95% humidity and 60°C ambient temperature covers even the harsh conditions of central solar inverters in rural areas. The cooling is ensured by electronic long life axial fans, with speed control for maximum efficiency. The air cooled film capacitors ensure reliability and long life performance.

As a fully qualified stack according to European and US solar standards, with its 100% end tests and the focus on solar requirements the SEMIKUBE SL family offers the fastest time to market with an outstanding performance for solar inverter manufacturers. 

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