Integrated Architecture Power Stack Demonstrator

Integrated Architecture Power Stack Demonstrator

Mersen has shown a demo of a 280 KVA 3-phase power stack show-casing state-of-the-art integration technologies at PCIM Europe 2015 in May. Mersen has gathered together the latest technical innovations illustrating the Integrated Architecture approach that can be offered to our inverter manufacturer clients.

Mersen’s integrated architecture approach helps inverter designers save time by optimizing the selection of key components, benefiting from a solution that is pre-designed for their specific application.  Busbar, fuses, cooling, gate-drivers, capacitors, connectors can now be optimally designed together, in one step, to answer electrical, mechanical and thermal challenges of the system. 

Mersen’s Integrated Power Stack Demonstrator is built around a 3-phase, 1,100V DC-bus, 57x37 cm² conversion stack which is pow-ered by three modules 1.7kV/650A IGBTs. Mersen has developed an efficient vacuum-brazed aluminum water-cooled heat sink to cool the electronics as well as a multi-layer laminated “smart busbar” with embedded small-signal control connector to power the components. The Power Stack is protected by two Power Semiconductor Protection fuses at the DC input terminals. Both a small form-factor and a high integration level are also achieved thanks to highly compact capacitor bank with several thousands of µF at high DC voltage.

Our vision for Integrated Architecture drove us to customize a full plug-and-play modular multi connection system, enabling Power Stack rack-mounting with hot-plug capability.  This results in a front and backplane that connect at the same time high-current signals (Vdc and U, V, W phases), low-current signals (GDU control and monitoring) as well as water inlets and outlets. 

Our philosophy being: “Design, driven by function not by component“

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