Passive Components

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Energy Cap Series Film Capacitors from FTCAP for Mounting on Busbars

Film capacitors of the Energy Cap series from FTCAP, a Mersen company, are notable not only for their very low inductance, robust design, and lo

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Isabellenhütte Introduces a New Range of 1-to-6 mOhm Precision Resistors

Isabellenhütte has developed a new range of precision resistors in standard sizes with resistances ranging from 1 to 6 mOhm for applications which require small and low-ohm

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Isabellenhütte Announces BAX Shunt: a Precision Resistor for Electric Vehicles

Electromobility is steadily gaining ground in the automotive industry, and its relevance is increasing accordingly.

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Hot Passive Components Topic will be Discussed at Manufacturers' Workshop for PCNS Attendees

Leading passive components manufacturers will discuss their hot products, application notes, and latest technology during the Advanced Passive Components Workshop as part o

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Isolated CAN-Transceiver Reference Board from Dengrove Solves Circuit Design and Protection Challenges

Now available from Dengrove Electronic Components, the RECOM R-REF03-CAN1 reference board streamlines the design of an isolated CAN interface with all the necessary circuit

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Super- and Ultracapacitors: Thousands of Farads Thanks to Double Layer Technology

In radio technology capacitors sometimes only have a few pF.

Wolf-Dieter Roth

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Micrometals Introduces New Optilloy Alloy Powder Formulated to Optimize Inductor Performance Parameters

Micrometals, a leader in high-performance core solutions for power applications, is proud to introduce its new offering of Optilloy Alloy Powder materials.

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Bourns Significantly Expands SinglFuse Overcurrent Protection Line

Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, recently announced the completion o

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Bourns Introduces Two Compact, Lower Profile TVS Diode Series

Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, recently introduced two new TVS dio

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TDK Corporation Announces Series of AC Filter Capacitors with UL 810 Approval

TDK Corporation presents a new series of AC filter capacitors that are UL 810 approved at