FTCAP Releases Low-Inductance Film Capacitors for HIgh-Current Applications

FTCAP Releases Low-Inductance Film Capacitors for HIgh-Current Applications

Film capacitors of the CX and CS series

Low-inductance film capacitors for high-current applications

Film and foil capacitors of the Coax Cap series are designed for extremely low inductance, a very high current carrying capacity, and good self-sealing properties. The capacitor manufacturer FTCAP – part of the Mersen Group since 2018 – offers the time-proven high-current capacitors not only as the CX type for extreme performance requirements, but also in the cost-optimized CS version.

The film capacitors of the CX and CS series from FTCAP are available in five different heights from 40 mm to 100 mm and a broad selection of capacitances from 20 µF to 830 µF with voltage ratings from 600 V to 1900 V. “The classic applications include DC filters”, explains André Tausche, managing director of FTCAP. “In general these high-current capacitors, due to their low inductance coefficient, are a good choice for applications with high ripple frequencies or pulse discharges.“ For less extreme performance requirements FTCAP offers the CS version, which due to the less stringent performance requirements also offers the advantage of a lower price. Compared to the CX type these film capacitors have a lower current carrying capacity and higher inductance, which makes them a good choice for standard requirements.

The windings of the Coax Cap capacitors are made of low-loss polypropylene film. Two solid brass terminals, each with a diameter of 16 mm, ensure a high current carrying capacity. They are available either with M8 threaded bolts or M6 internal threads, in addition to special versions on request. For special applications, in which for example several capacitors of this type need to be connected to each other by means of a low-inductance busbar, FTCAP can also implement connectors of different heights for the respective application. This simplifies assembly and prevents unnecessary contact resistances, which would result from the use of standard washers. The surface milled bottom guarantees excellent thermal contact to the mounting surface – for optimal cooling of the capacitors, which in turn results in a longer life cycle. Especially the fact that FTCAP belongs to the Mersen Group since 2018 creates entirely new potentials for the CX/CS capacitors: A conceivable combination would be FTCAP capacitors with compatible busbars and heat sinks from Mersen.



FTCAP Fischer und Tausche Capacitors has more than 70 years of experience in the development and production of capacitors used in diverse industries. The products include both film and electrolytic capacitors and FTCAP is one of the few companies to still manufacture all of its capacitors in Germany. In addition to standard capacitors in small and medium-sized quantities, the Husum-based manufacturer also offers special custom-made products for demanding applications: the company’s experts work in close cooperation with the customer to implement complex custom solutions.

Since 2018 FTCAP belongs to the Mersen Group. The merger of the two enterprises will result in substantial growth potentials for both parties. The explicit goal is to offer innovative modules, in which FTCAP capacitors are optimised for use with busbars and heat sinks from Mersen.


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