Energy Cap Series Film Capacitors from FTCAP for Mounting on Busbars

Energy Cap Series Film Capacitors from FTCAP for Mounting on Busbars

Film capacitors of the Energy Cap series from FTCAP, a Mersen company, are notable not only for their very low inductance, robust design, and long life but also their availability for terminals of different heights. This allows faster and easier mounting on busbars – without the need for compensating spacers.

“As part of the Mersen Group we are increasingly working on perfect compatibility between Mersen busbars and FTCAP capacitors”, explains André Tausche, Managing Director of FTCAP. “The Energy Cap series offers a decisive inherent advantage in this respect: These capacitors are available with terminals of different heights, for adaptation to the different levels of the busbar to ensure a solid and reliable connection.” This enables operation at consistently high quality – also because it eliminates the need for compensating spacers, which often results in contact resistance because the spacers are made of a different material. Another advantage: Users can use the same screws for both terminals since they have the same thread depth. Due to in-house manufacturing of the contact elements and terminals by FTCAP, any desired height is possible – at the price of standard terminals. The terminals can be designed with female threads or male threads.

The film capacitors of the Energy Cap series have proven themselves in frequency converters, DC filters, and DC links, for example. They feature an aluminum housing with threaded connections or pin mounting. FTCAP adapts the capacity and voltage of the foil capacitors to the particular application, with standard capacities from 200 µF to 3300 µF and voltages from 700 V DC to 1500 V DC. Other capacity and voltage combinations can be implemented on request.



FTCAP Fischer und Tausche Capacitors has more than 70 years of experience in the development and production of capacitors used in diverse industries. The products include both film and electrolytic capacitors and FTCAP is one of the few companies to still manufacture all of its capacitors in Germany. In addition to standard capacitors in small and medium-sized quantities, the Husum-based manufacturer also offers special custom-made products for demanding applications: the company’s experts work in close cooperation with the customer to implement complex custom solutions.

Since 2018, FTCAP has been a part of the Mersen Group. The merger of the two enterprises will result in substantial growth potentials for both parties. The explicit goal is to offer innovative modules, in which FTCAP capacitors are optimized for use with busbars and heat sinks from Mersen.

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