Reformation of Snubber Capacitors

Reformation of Snubber Capacitors

WIMA has reworked and extended its Snubber Capacitor Ranges. The standard lug versions were submitted to thorough verification and - if necessary - adjusted to the requirements of modern IGBTs.

The WIMA Snubber MKP range with double-sided metallization and internal series connection was extended by three additional voltage ranges 850 VDC, 1250 VDC and 2500 VDC. The capacitance range now comprises values from 0.047 µF up to 8 µF and voltage ranges of 700 VDC up to 3000 VDC.

As for the especially pulse resistant WIMA Snubber FKP range numerous values were added and case sizes changed. Moreover, a new 1250 VDC range was added. The range now shows capacitance values of 0.01 µF up to 3.3 µF and rated voltages of 630 VDC to 4000 VDC. 

WIMA Snubber capacitors are manufactured under mass production conditions, but are also available in lower quantities as individually designable components. 

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