Common-Mode Chokes for Automotive Ethernet Offer Best Noise Suppression

Common-Mode Chokes for Automotive Ethernet Offer  Best Noise Suppression

A series of common-mode chokes from TDK that offers best-in-class noise suppression for automotive Ethernet is now available in Europe at TTI, Inc..  The TDK ACT45L series also boasts the smallest footprint of any common-mode choke currently available for automotive Ethernet applications, yet incorporates advanced technologies to deliver high reliability and consistent quality. 

Ethernet is quickly becoming the preferred networking protocol for today’s multimedia infotainment in cars, but reliable high speed data transmission requires high noise suppression and low attenuation of data signals. Common-mode chokes protect vehicle ECUs from incoming EMI and suppress noise emissions radiated over the unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cabling. The noise suppression of the TDK ACT45L Series is the best available on the market  - between 15dB and 25dB better than existing products, over a broad frequency range up to 100MHz.  Its footprint is a mere 4.5mm x 3.2 mm and insertion height just 2.8mm, the smallest common-mode choke for automotive Ethernet available in the world. The Series offers a rated inductance of 200µH and, importantly for all automotive components, operates over a wide temperature range of minus 40degC to +105degC. Parts are fully-qualified to AEC-Q200. 

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